Our Production Music Library is composed by experienced audio professionals from germany with decades of experience in creating the right, big sound. We have composed for a big range of media like computer games (e.g. Turrican on C64, Sarakon on C64, differend Demo Groupes on C64, Against Rome on PC etc…). Our music for motion picture advertising is also licensed by big production companies like Pro7 and Sat1 (TV) and leading industry companies like KIA, Hyundai and Telekom just to name a few.

We offer our music only  royalty free as we believe that this it the fairest and easiest way to license music to our customers and this is still making us to the “underdogs” in the industry. There is no need to register our scores at a PRO (performance rights organisation) worldwide and that means time and money saving for our clients. For creating our music we only use the best tools of the trade and often mix them with some live recordings.

To make licensing even more easier we have established our own online shops for royalty free music right here on the side.

We only have three simple and easy to understand licenses:
Online License: perfect for everything you want to publish in the world wide web
Media License: is for everything else like TV, Cinema, Point of Sale …you name it
Free Tryout: try before buy

As epic music on a massive scale is what we like the most, we do not only produce for the industry only, but also for our fans supporting us over all the years! We are very glad and proud to have a loyal fanbase that also love to hear epic, heroic and dramatic – emotional music.

“STAY EPIC! And join us on our journey to distant planets into the heart of darkness to slay dragons and beasts and follow your heart and don´t ever stop to dream…cause that´s the most important thing that matters!”

Core information

Instead of many other professional production music libraries for TV, Film and especially Trailer, we offer all of our music productions completely royalty free. We believe that there are lots of benefits for our customers like less stress with PRO´s (performing rights organisations) and reduced costs and time consumption.

Our Production Music Library features top notch sounds and music from hybrid orchestral compositions to Postrock and Solo Piano Albums.

As we have total control over our rights we also want to have this in the realm of licensing. Therefore we are able to do direct licensing. You can get your Online-License directly here at our site. We are also working with the most beloved german shop for royalty free music called Hartwigmedia.

Beside our Library Music we also offer exclusive compositions fitting perfectly on the projects. Just drop us some lines for more information.

ALL of our music productions can be downloaded for free. So you can tryout the music in full length and see if it fits right to your project. In case you want to use it in a commercial way you simply have to license the track via our website.

Some of our clients

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