Here you can find the most often asked questions regarding music licensing from Soundcritters.

Often Asked Questions

All music productions offered on this site are 100% royalty free and free of rights or claims of third parties. No PRO (perfoming rights organisation) is allowed or authorized to collect money for our music. All Soundcritters audio productions are not registered at any PRO worldwide.

Soundcritters grants the licensee a worldwide, perpetual usage right of the licensed music.

You are allowed to use the music depending on the choosen license. The music has to be integrated into another media like film or video and cannot be used standalone.

You are not allowed to sublicense or sell the obtained music.

We provide all music as MP3, 320kbps, Stereo files. The download is provided as Zip-File which can be unpacked with free standard packing programms like Winzip, Winrar or 7 Zip.

The Tryout-License is free of charge and can also be used for non-commercial and private usage completely free of charge.

If you do so please give us credits: Music by Soundcritters,

The Tryout-License can not be used for any kind of commercial usage!

As we want an reliable, worldwide known payment solution provider we have decided to use PayPal.

We often get asked if we also do custom tailored music and the answer ist YES.

In case you are in need of a custom music track tailored to your needs please don´t hesitate and drop us an e-mail to learn further details (

Our music is not part of the content ID programm of Youtube!

In case you get a copyright strike from whomever please get in touch with us!

As we are the only ones having all rights for our music, no other third party can claim our music or send any copyright strikes.